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Get more revenue from ads on your website

Overcome popular ad blockers using a simple yet poweful technology

How it works

AddCPM script


Add a simple js-code to your website pages.

Your website


As the script is asynchronous, website pages can render quickly with no performance loss

AddCPM servers


AddCPM servers process data and display ads that were blocked by ad blockers

Ad networks


The AddCPM technology is integrated with popular ad networks to successfully counteract the effects of ad blocking.

Get an extra 30% added to your revenue right now

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The advantages of our technology

We don't ask users to turn off ad blockers and don't block the access to a website content. Ads can be displayed whether ad blockers are runnig or not.

Seamless integration

You don't need to make changes to existing ad management systems

Save data

About visitor (even in browsers with disabled cross domain cookies), retargeting etc.

Automatic updates

The AddCPM code is updated automatically. You do not need to replace the code on your website pages every time ad blockers release software updates.

We are eager to help

Ad networks

Get additional 25-30% of the network coverage by displaying ads for visitors that use ad blockers

This audience shows high conversion rates since it doesn't see the major part of advertisement in the network. Let your partners increase their websites monetization by means of additional ad traffic.


Ad management systems

Let your clients monetize additional ad inventory.

The loss of one third of website audience becomes a serious issue for publishers. Anti ad blocker may be a considerable competitive advantage for ad management systems.

Large and medium-sized publishers

Individual custom solutions for a certain publisher allow to deal with non-typical ad formats.

Native, display, video ads and non-typical ad formats can also be displayed even if the ad blockers are enabled. If those formats generate more than $5000 per month, you should leverage anti ad blocking software.

If you don't want to lose one third of your website audience because of ad blockers, contatc us!

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